Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vegan Luxe by Raven Kauffman

Hello Loves!

I am back from hibernation!  I have spent the last two months working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art while the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition was going on.  It was a fantastic opportunity for me, and I feel so lucky that I got the chance to participate in such a major exhibition, but unfortunately it did not leave me with much free time.  But I am back now, and in the mood for some fall shopping...

When I decided to become a vegan, I figured I would not have to worry about saving up for a statement bag anymore... Boy, was I wrong!  I discovered Raven by Raven Kauffman through mentions in both Elle and Lucky Magazines.  When I went to the website, I was in love.  The craftsmanship is so impeccable it is difficult to believe they are made from rubber, not animal skins (warning: not all of Raven's products are vegan... but there is plenty of cruelty-free eye candy to ogle).  The product styling has truly stolen my heart.  Each piece is presented in a classic vignette with just a hint of edge that I find completely intoxicating.

Maxine "Crocodile" Patchwork Tote, Raven by Raven Kauffman

This image immediately transports me to Saturday morning, my first taste of weekend freedom spent exploring and running errands.  I am going to begin saving so I can splurge on this $650 (eek!) bag, and then mimic exactly the rest of this completely-casual-yet-perfectly-pulled-together look. 

Billie Envelope Clutch, Raven by Raven Kauffman
This is my ideal evening clutch.  I love the color, the closure, the clever origami detailing... essentially pure perfection.  Now I just need to find the right shoes to wear with it...

It is probably a good thing that the online store at Raven Kauffman is available yet, but the Maxine bag is for sale at Saks Fifth Avenue's website. 

So good to be back!