Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though I have not eaten turkey since I was 13, I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.  It probably has something to do with the fact that my birthday is always either on or around the holiday... hehe.  This year is especially exciting because I am hosting my first Thanksgiving!  I am starting small, with just the hubs and the rents, but I am still a little nervous.  I am making list galore and keeping my fingers crossed that it comes off the ground.

I am planning to make Pecan Crusted Seitan from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone (I don't think I have mentioned how obsessed I am with this book... let's just say it is the reason I am a vegan, and I quote Alicia ALL THE TIME).  I will let you know how it turns out, and I promise I will take pictures!

I am going to post about this weekend and all the fun soon... my camera is out of batteries and I cannot find any in my apartment... oh my!

I love it!  Except for the cheese... image via AHeirloom

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I wanted to start sharing some adorable gifts I have come across.  I am dying to get this Maine-shaped cutting board with a heart on Kennebunkport (that's where Victor and I tied the knot), and I want to get one for everyone in my family to represent their home state. 


Thursday, November 18, 2010


I even heart the font... image via Pinterest
I know I am approximately a million years behind the rest of the blog world in discovering this, but I am obsessed with Pinterest.  The concept is brilliant.  Once you sign up, you paste a link that says "Pin it" in your toolbar, and whenever you see something you love, you hit it.  And voila... it is saved in an organized board with a link and everything!  Talk about instant gratification :)

I have spent the better part of the morning playing, having received my invitation last night.  Here is my Dream Home board... please take a look and let me know what you think!  PS - you may recognize some of the images... let's just say I REALLY have a thing for ferm Living.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Full disclosure: I have no idea if this collection is vegan.  Let's say I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are using a lot of satin and no silk...

Anywho, I have a thing for Lanvin.  I think it has something to do with the adorableness that is Alber Elbaz.  And the innate sexiness of everything Lanvin.  So, I will be on line bright and early hoping to get a (vegan) piece of the action.  I am heading to Washington, D.C. this weekend, and luckily there is an H&M there that carries the new line.  Here is a list of my favorite pieces:

I feel like this is a look that would get a lot of mileage. There are so many adorable ways to style it, I could keep re-inventing it all winter.

OMG it is yellow! I really don't feel the need to explain this anymore...

So classic, but still modern and whimsical.

I will let you know how the wait goes, and of course, share my loot (if it is vegan, of course). They also have great jewelry, as well as some purses which seem to be vegan.

So... anyone have any must see D.C. suggestions? I want them all!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10% Off at Kaight!


Hurry over to Girlie Girl Army now and check out the blog post by Kate McGregor, the owner of Kaight, a fabulously curated eco-friendly clothing and accessory store in New York.  Not only does she offer some stellar tips about designers who recycle, but she is also offering 10% off online and in stores for Girlie Girl Army readers!  Hurry!

I think 10% off might finally rationalize the purchase of this bad boy:

image via Kaight
Vegans need to say dry (and warm) too, right?  I love so many Loomstate designs (although they are sadly not all vegan)... I think this adorable jacket would just be the beginning.  

Believe me, Kaight has so much amazing stock that I could not even whittle it down to a list of things I want/need/love - it would encompass the entire site.  Needless to say, any place I can find TOMS, Olsen Haus, and Matt & Nat all under one roof is right up my alley! (Can you tell I have a thing for accessories?)

Hope you are all as excited as I am about this :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

ferm Living

I have been obsessed with Apartment Therapy since the days when I was still living with my parents in my itsy-bitsy bedroom, but now that I have my own space it is downright intoxicating.  I check it all the time when I should be doing other things (like searching for gainful employment... oops!).  However, this post resonated with me more than most.  It was so refreshing to see something outside the usual spectrum of affordable home decor sites (don't get me wrong - I still love you Ikea/Crate & Barrel/West Elm!). Best of all, I discovered ferm Living, which is great for me but very bad for my wallet.  Here is a brief sampling of the wonders that exist:

image via ferm Living

Don't you just adore the styling?  We have this wall in our kitchen that you cannot nail anything into because it surrounds the chimney, and I think this would be perfect there.  And it is reusable!

image via ferm Living

My husband actually laughed at me when I showed him this (he produces an absurd amount of laundry), but I think a his and hers would be perfect.  I am enamored with the idea of getting the laundry off the floor, considering our current hamper is hogging an entire valuable corner of our bedroom.

image via ferm Living

Ignore the price on this one, just fantasize... We just moved a wooden bookcase into the living room this weekend and I am itching to jazz it up a little by painting or wallpapering the back panel.  Let's just say this is the wallpaper of my dreams...

image via ferm Living

I don't even have anything specific to say about this... it is just so pretty.

There are a quite a few other great sites in this post, and believe me, I have only scratched the surface of the wonder that is ferm Living.  Try not to buy everything darlings!



go now!

Pure Citizen is having a sale on Cri de Couer today!  The prices are INSANE and they have an adorable selection, including these over-the-knee darlings I have been eyeing since I gave up leather.

oh the possibilities!  image via Pure Citizen

Too bad they don't have the bags too...

Shop all you want, it is for a good cause!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Never too early to start shopping

My big dream for this winter is to have a holiday party in our new apartment. I am seduced by the ideas of holiday tunes, passed hors d'oeuvres, glittery accessories and decorations, and of course, cookies. So naturally, I am already shopping for my outfit.  I think this bad boy is the winner!

image via nimli

I love love love Nixxi, and I know that Vegan Kyla and Nixxi will have a long and loving relationship. I think I will have to splurge on a pair of Olsen Haus shoes to match!

On a slightly related note, the holidays sure will have a different flavor without dairy or eggs. I will share the adventures and misadventures of my cruelty free holiday, but I want to hear yours too! What are you eating and baking? But most importantly, what are you wearing?


OBSESSED with EmersonMade.

So I was introduced to this ADORABLE company when I was planning my wedding and their gorgeous flowers were popping up on every wedding blog I followed.  But I did not know until recently that EmersonMade. made clothing... and this discovery has been dangerous.  Now, not everything is vegan, there is a fair amount of silk and wool and mother of pearl buttons, but there are plenty of fantastic organic cotton goodies to keep us cruelty free gals satisfied.  Here is a brief list of pieces I am going to buy myself:

image via EmersonMade.
This is so chic.  And French.  And nautical.  And she looks so happy wearing it, how could you not love it?

image via EmersonMade.
When I get a job, I am going to buy this cotton stunner and wear it with a non-leather belt
 (and shoes and bag of course) as my go-to professional look.  

image via EmersonMade.
There is almost too much to love about this photo.  A full cotton skirt!  Wellies!  Chickens!

image via EmersonMade.
I think I need to purchase this dress for my honeymoon to Mexico in January.
Would it be excessive to get it in blue as well?  I think not...
I was also thrilled to discover while I was poking around the site that you can get the fabulous oversized flower pins in cruelty free linen (!!!) AND EmersonMade. is based out of one of my favorite places on earth, Portsmouth, New Hampshire!  I have spent my entire life heading up the East Coast to Southern Maine for summer vacation (I even tied the knot up there... but that is a story for another day), and Portsmouth has always been my favorite destination on the way up for shopping, eating and adorable-ness.  My favorite stops are Gus & Ruby Letterpress (I am obsessed with all things paper) and the Portsmouth Brewery (and let's face it, I am a sucker for a microbrewery).  

Try not to fill your shopping cart too full of goodies...

Has anyone else been to Porstmouth?  Are you as obsessed as I am?



image via The Sartorialist

Although not always vegan friendly, I love to search for style inspiration on The Sartorialist.  I love how effortless the looks are.  I often imagine that my dream wardrobe would be one in which every piece went perfectly with every other piece, so I could throw on these fabulous ensembles and allow my top to slip off my shoulder for some added sex appeal.

image via The Sartorialist


This week many of the images in the site have been from Madrid, and I am having trouble finding a style I do not covet.  My obsession with Spain is not a secret, and I sit my husband down weekly to discuss my five year plan which involves relocating to Barcelona.  This conversation always ends with him informing me that since he works for BMW, Germany is a more realistic European destination.  I agree, and then make him promise that if we moved there, we could jaunt over to Spain every other weekend.  But again I digress...

image via The Sartorialist

So enjoy, and be obsessed like I am.  I will be here, growing my hair, so I can wear it long and messy under a fedora...

image via The Sartorialist


ps - I even love this tiny child's style!

image via The Sartorialist

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking a short break...

Hi Loves!

So the past few days I have been doing a lot of work to find a day job (I have been unemployed since I graduated in May) so the blog has been put on the back burner for the time being.  I am still working on some really great things to be published later this week, so definitely check back!

In the meantime, I was wondering if there were any movies you love the style of which you would like to see receive a vegan makeover.  I have a few in the works, but I want your input!

For now, here is some vegan eye candy...

image via net-a-porter

Oh Stella, you do it to me every time!


Friday, November 5, 2010

If I could get my hands on this...

image via nixxi

... I would not even miss leather (or wool)!

Oh my gosh I love the entire site!  I am going to add many of these items to my birthday wish list...


Get the (Vegan) Look: The Edge of Love

                                         image via imdb.com

Hello Loves!

One of my favorite sources of fashion inspiration is the movies, obviously, but it can be a little tough to steal celebrity style and remain cruelty-free.  So, my plan is to look at one fashionable and fabulous movie every week and rework the style into an inspired vegan look.  I want to start with a movie I saw about a year ago, and has been a huge style inspiration ever since.  The Edge of Love is a British period piece (I have yet to come across one of these that I do not like, I think I have an addiction) that takes place during World War II.  It stars Keira Knightley (!!) and Siena Miller (!) so the fashion has this awesome vintage boho vibe that I am obsessed with.  I do not want to spoil anything, because you MUST watch this movie, but at one point they move to the rugged seaside of the British Isles (I think it is Wales) and both women adopt this adorable style which includes wearing floral dresses and pleated skirts with fisherman sweaters and wellies.  Yes, it might not sound like the perfect style to romp around urban America in, but I think using this look as a template can inspire some adorable, youthful outfits.  So, without further ado, here is my vegan makeover of The Edge of Love:

First up, Siena.  Her characters look is a little more eclectic, so layering pieces is key.
Hat, Shirt, Skirt, Leggings

Tuck the lace shirt into the high-waisted skirt, and wear the thermal leggings underneath to keep the chill away.  I was so thrilled to find a chambray hat!  So adorable!

Keira's look is so youthful, and looks so amazingly effortless.  I just want to fill my closet with floral dresses and vegan knits so I can dress like this every single day!

Dress, Sweater

I chose this dress, but to be honest, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Free People both have tons of adorable vegan dress options.  Also, while I was researching this post, I discovered this awesome line Express has called (MINUS THE), which creates these adorable pieces in faux fur, suede and leather.  They are reasonably priced, and really cute!  How do you feel about faking it?

The finishing touch for each look is a fabulous wellie... I think the original is the way to go.  And Hunter is vegan, so why not?

Hope you love this look as much as I do.  I think the chilly weather we are having here in the Northeast makes this style even more appealing... snuggling in sweaters and boots is so cozy and cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!  What are you up to?  I am having a friend over for brunch, so I am going to try some new recipes from the Babycakes Cookbook


Creating a Cruelty-Free Home

This is my view!  I am obsessed...

I cannot deny that I spend as much time, if not more, shopping for my teeny tiny apartment as I do shopping for my clothes.  So, Friday is going to be dedicated to - you guessed it - FURNITURE!  (You have got to love alliteration!)

So, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the place I live.  My husband and I just moved into an adorable apartment two months ago, so we are still trying to get it set up to our liking.  We live in the attic apartment of a Victorian style house, and the best part is that our bedroom has a stunning view of Manhattan.  We are so spoiled, we wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the river every morning!  Our living space is very little, so each piece is very carefully considered before we decide if it is going to make the cut and be allowed into our apartment.  Right now we are in the market for an armchair for our living room.  

My most recent obsession is West Elm, and I spent about two hours browsing the other day.  I am OBSESSED with this arm chair, I am just afraid it won't fit up my stairs (the doorway is a mere 21 inches wide... we had to take our couch apart to get it up to the apartment!).  Our couch has no arms, so I have been searching for something with more structure to finish off our living room.  

image via West Elm

While I was at West Elm, the sales woman was telling me how awesomely green (and vegan!) this awesome chair is.  There is recycled steel, sustainably produced wood, and the cushions are even recycled, while still being super comfy.  Do you know any other comfy, affordable cruelty-free furniture options?


I'm Back!

image via alkeemi (I think this one is my fave!)

Hello Loves!

So this week has been much crazier than anticipated.  My husband got bronchitis, passed it onto me, and I had an eventful visit to the local Social Security office so I could officially become Kyla Gizzi-Najjar.  But now I am back and super excited about all the great things I have planned!

For now, I wanted to point out something a little off topic, but totally awesome.  Alkeemi is one of my favorite blogs, and Kimia is an AMAZING artist.  I was so excited to see that she opened a shop this week so we can all own some of her incredible work!  You have to go... I want all of the prints!

I will be back soon with more vegan posts!  Have a great Friday!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Perfect Timing...

I was so excited to get an e-mail from Girlie Girl Army about Pure Citizen, this new eco-friendly daily sale site.  I signed up immediately!  They do not have a specific vegan section, but there is plenty to work with. And the best part is you have to option to donate your savings to charity!  I love when shopping makes me feel this good...