Friday, October 29, 2010


Keeping with the one for one theme, I came across this company while I was browsing at Kate's Paperie in NYC, and I am completely obsessed with this idea.  This Canadian, eco-friendly company donates school supplies to children for every product purchased.  I have a pretty major obsession with paper, and I think a company that works so hard to foster creativity should be commended.   I definitely want to make this Teatime EcoNotebook my own...

Ok, who am I kidding, I could buy pretty much the whole website!  Their designs just make me happy.  Love love LOVE!


As if I needed another reason to love them...

I was already a Toms devotee before becoming a vegan, so I was thrilled that they had options for us cruelty free fashionistas.  And these babies just seemed to call to me...

The hubby is Middle Eastern, and I have found myself being drawn to these awesome geometric patterns in clothing and decorating since we met.  I guess I am trying to fit in... hehe.

Thank you so much for being with me so far!  Next week I will start with some more organized posts, so get excited!  Have a wonderful weekend!  

And of course, Happy Halloween!  Anyone have any vegan chic costumes that they want to share?  I would LOVE pictures!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vegan Score!

The kittens like my bag too...

I just wanted to share this awesome bag I found on my first official vegan shopping trip.  I have been bitten by the shopping bug lately, so instead of spending money I decided to clean out my closet and do a good old fashioned clothing exchange.  I headed over to Brooklyn and went to Beacon's Closet in Park Slope (which I highly recommend), and sold six bags of clothing in exchange for a hefty store credit.  I got two tops, a gold non-leather belt, and this excellently vegan Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (I have more store credit left too!). It was only $24.95, but the bag still had tags on it, and it was $158 at Barney's originally. Not going to lie, I was on a high after I found it.  Now I just have to find myself a nice vegan wallet to go with my pretty new purse.

Do you have any great vegan scores lately?  I want to hear about it!


Babycakes Applesauce

This is the last bowl... it is just so good!

So, I am sure any self respecting vegan knows about the FABULOUS Erin McKenna and the genius that is Babycakes Bakery. I am lucky enough to be a stone's throw from NYC so I have gotten to visit this palace of vegan confections (actually, closet is a more accurate size description, but it is chock full of deliciousness).

So, I am of course working on expanding my repertoire of vegan confections, so I got the cookbook.  Ok, full disclosure - I bought the cookbook for my mother for her birthday and then stole it.  Let's just say I have a history of doing this.  I will get my own soon.  Any who... I began making the roasted apples so I could make a vegan apple pie.  The only problem, they are so DELICIOUS I literally cannot save enough to make a pie.  They just vanish.  Even my carnivorous, junk food loving husband likes them, and he hardly likes anything that came from the earth.  I mash the roasted apples up with a potato masher to make applesauce, grab a spoon, and enter nirvana.  YUM!

Has anybody else tried this?  Any other suggestions of MUST eats from Babycakes?



image via

Need I say more?  

They are on sale, but I doubt my hubby would be too pleased if I explained that I decided not to pay our cell phone and cable bills so I could own these babies.  They are just so fab (and faux!!).

I obviously heart Stella, but I just don't understand why she uses wool.  She is vegan, no?  

Well, that's all for now.  I am going to attempt to practice willpower and not click "buy" (I could not resist adding them to my cart, please don't judge!).  Wish me luck!


PS - My extremely clever title is not my invention, but my fabulous baby cousin Hugo, who at age five, sang that when his little sister Stella was born.  He is amazing, and he will be so big one day.  So happy to say I knew him when...


Hello Loves!

Welcome to The Chic Veggie!  I am so excited.  I just became a vegan, and while giving up milk was a challenge (more on that later) I have found my biggest challenges are at the mall, not the grocery store.  Although leather and wool are starting to creep me out, I still find myself wondering through stores obsessively checking labels and wondering why more designers can't wake up to the virtues of cruelty free products, wishing that all my favorite pre-vegan purchases would magically become manmade.

And that is why I am here.  I want to find the cutest, kindest clothing and accessories so we can be chic and guilt free.

So let's get started.  First question - What to do with all the not so vegan things you acquired prior to taking the vegan vow?  Giveaway?  Wear with caution?  Sell to carnivores?  I want to know, because this is something I am dealing with right now.  I am still having trouble parting with some objects (dumb, I know, but my navy blue patent wedding shoes hold a very special place in my heart for obvious reasons).  I try telling myself is it "green" to keep some things and use them until they wear themselves out, but I feel like that is a bit of a cop out.  Obviously, I am still learning and figuring this out.  Please share!


PS - The A-DORABLE photo above is of our kittens, Jasmine and Cece.  I am introducing you now because you will get to know them well.  They say hi (or more accurately, meow).