Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hello Loves!

Welcome to The Chic Veggie!  I am so excited.  I just became a vegan, and while giving up milk was a challenge (more on that later) I have found my biggest challenges are at the mall, not the grocery store.  Although leather and wool are starting to creep me out, I still find myself wondering through stores obsessively checking labels and wondering why more designers can't wake up to the virtues of cruelty free products, wishing that all my favorite pre-vegan purchases would magically become manmade.

And that is why I am here.  I want to find the cutest, kindest clothing and accessories so we can be chic and guilt free.

So let's get started.  First question - What to do with all the not so vegan things you acquired prior to taking the vegan vow?  Giveaway?  Wear with caution?  Sell to carnivores?  I want to know, because this is something I am dealing with right now.  I am still having trouble parting with some objects (dumb, I know, but my navy blue patent wedding shoes hold a very special place in my heart for obvious reasons).  I try telling myself is it "green" to keep some things and use them until they wear themselves out, but I feel like that is a bit of a cop out.  Obviously, I am still learning and figuring this out.  Please share!


PS - The A-DORABLE photo above is of our kittens, Jasmine and Cece.  I am introducing you now because you will get to know them well.  They say hi (or more accurately, meow).


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I'm not currently vegan, but am vegetarian. I think one of the reasons I'm more comfortable with the vegetarian label is precisely because of the "where to draw the line" question - wool, camera film, second-hand leather. The closer I looked at labels the more difficult it became!

    So instead, I call myself vegetarian, though I often eat and cook vegan and I try to be conscientious in all purchases, not just in terms of animal by-products, but also ethical production, local, organic etc. Still picky, but not as confused by labels I guess!

  2. Thank you so much Jane! I am very excited to be here!

    I am so glad you mentioned your difficulties with "the line" when you are in the vegan/vegetarian territory. That's why I am here! I know I need help and guidance, and I want this to be a forum for others who feel the same way.

    I completely agree with you though, picky goes a long way!