Friday, October 29, 2010

As if I needed another reason to love them...

I was already a Toms devotee before becoming a vegan, so I was thrilled that they had options for us cruelty free fashionistas.  And these babies just seemed to call to me...

The hubby is Middle Eastern, and I have found myself being drawn to these awesome geometric patterns in clothing and decorating since we met.  I guess I am trying to fit in... hehe.

Thank you so much for being with me so far!  Next week I will start with some more organized posts, so get excited!  Have a wonderful weekend!  

And of course, Happy Halloween!  Anyone have any vegan chic costumes that they want to share?  I would LOVE pictures!


1 comment:

  1. At first I was unsure if I liked TOMS but they've come out with so many cute styles lately. These ones are great!