Thursday, October 28, 2010

Babycakes Applesauce

This is the last bowl... it is just so good!

So, I am sure any self respecting vegan knows about the FABULOUS Erin McKenna and the genius that is Babycakes Bakery. I am lucky enough to be a stone's throw from NYC so I have gotten to visit this palace of vegan confections (actually, closet is a more accurate size description, but it is chock full of deliciousness).

So, I am of course working on expanding my repertoire of vegan confections, so I got the cookbook.  Ok, full disclosure - I bought the cookbook for my mother for her birthday and then stole it.  Let's just say I have a history of doing this.  I will get my own soon.  Any who... I began making the roasted apples so I could make a vegan apple pie.  The only problem, they are so DELICIOUS I literally cannot save enough to make a pie.  They just vanish.  Even my carnivorous, junk food loving husband likes them, and he hardly likes anything that came from the earth.  I mash the roasted apples up with a potato masher to make applesauce, grab a spoon, and enter nirvana.  YUM!

Has anybody else tried this?  Any other suggestions of MUST eats from Babycakes?


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