Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating a Cruelty-Free Home

This is my view!  I am obsessed...

I cannot deny that I spend as much time, if not more, shopping for my teeny tiny apartment as I do shopping for my clothes.  So, Friday is going to be dedicated to - you guessed it - FURNITURE!  (You have got to love alliteration!)

So, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the place I live.  My husband and I just moved into an adorable apartment two months ago, so we are still trying to get it set up to our liking.  We live in the attic apartment of a Victorian style house, and the best part is that our bedroom has a stunning view of Manhattan.  We are so spoiled, we wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the river every morning!  Our living space is very little, so each piece is very carefully considered before we decide if it is going to make the cut and be allowed into our apartment.  Right now we are in the market for an armchair for our living room.  

My most recent obsession is West Elm, and I spent about two hours browsing the other day.  I am OBSESSED with this arm chair, I am just afraid it won't fit up my stairs (the doorway is a mere 21 inches wide... we had to take our couch apart to get it up to the apartment!).  Our couch has no arms, so I have been searching for something with more structure to finish off our living room.  

image via West Elm

While I was at West Elm, the sales woman was telling me how awesomely green (and vegan!) this awesome chair is.  There is recycled steel, sustainably produced wood, and the cushions are even recycled, while still being super comfy.  Do you know any other comfy, affordable cruelty-free furniture options?


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