Friday, November 5, 2010

Get the (Vegan) Look: The Edge of Love

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Hello Loves!

One of my favorite sources of fashion inspiration is the movies, obviously, but it can be a little tough to steal celebrity style and remain cruelty-free.  So, my plan is to look at one fashionable and fabulous movie every week and rework the style into an inspired vegan look.  I want to start with a movie I saw about a year ago, and has been a huge style inspiration ever since.  The Edge of Love is a British period piece (I have yet to come across one of these that I do not like, I think I have an addiction) that takes place during World War II.  It stars Keira Knightley (!!) and Siena Miller (!) so the fashion has this awesome vintage boho vibe that I am obsessed with.  I do not want to spoil anything, because you MUST watch this movie, but at one point they move to the rugged seaside of the British Isles (I think it is Wales) and both women adopt this adorable style which includes wearing floral dresses and pleated skirts with fisherman sweaters and wellies.  Yes, it might not sound like the perfect style to romp around urban America in, but I think using this look as a template can inspire some adorable, youthful outfits.  So, without further ado, here is my vegan makeover of The Edge of Love:

First up, Siena.  Her characters look is a little more eclectic, so layering pieces is key.
Hat, Shirt, Skirt, Leggings

Tuck the lace shirt into the high-waisted skirt, and wear the thermal leggings underneath to keep the chill away.  I was so thrilled to find a chambray hat!  So adorable!

Keira's look is so youthful, and looks so amazingly effortless.  I just want to fill my closet with floral dresses and vegan knits so I can dress like this every single day!

Dress, Sweater

I chose this dress, but to be honest, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Free People both have tons of adorable vegan dress options.  Also, while I was researching this post, I discovered this awesome line Express has called (MINUS THE), which creates these adorable pieces in faux fur, suede and leather.  They are reasonably priced, and really cute!  How do you feel about faking it?

The finishing touch for each look is a fabulous wellie... I think the original is the way to go.  And Hunter is vegan, so why not?

Hope you love this look as much as I do.  I think the chilly weather we are having here in the Northeast makes this style even more appealing... snuggling in sweaters and boots is so cozy and cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!  What are you up to?  I am having a friend over for brunch, so I am going to try some new recipes from the Babycakes Cookbook


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