Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello Loves!

I missed you!  I am finally back, after a fantastic honeymoon and some time to get my life at home in order.  I am working on a post to recap the trip to Mexico that should be ready today or tomorrow, but in the meantime...
image via Oprah


Well, just for a week, but she is taking all of her staffers with her, so hopefully it sticks for some of them.  I am so thrilled to hear this, I LOVE Oprah!  And as we know, when she says something, people tend to listen.  Hopefully she will inspire people who have never even considered it to pursue a cruelty-free lifestyle.  I am going to tune in today to get all the details :)

On a related note, a little research uncovered that Oprah did a 21-day vegan cleanse awhile back... have any of you ever tried any sort of cleanse?  I am an admitted cleanse virgin, but after the holidays and the honeymoon I am ready to get my healthy eating back on track, and a cleanse might be just the way to do it :)  Thoughts?

Glad to be back!



  1. I am so glad you are back! I don't know if I could go 21 days on a vegan cleanse, but I could try it for a few days. Why don't you let us know a little bitl about it.

  2. I agree! 21 days seems like an eternity! Maybe I will start with a 3-6 day cleanse...

    Do they have one day cleanses? That seems like it would be my style :)


  3. They do indeed! Going easy is the best way to start. I have some books if you would like me to send them off to you.