Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vegan Uggs?!?!?

Hello Loves!

I must admit, I loved Uggs.  They are by no means sexy, but they are too warm for me to reject outright.  So, I knew when I became vegan that I would definitely need a cruelty-free replacement.  Luckily, my Uggs are still in good shape, which has bought me some time to find the right substitute without settling or freezing my toes off :)

image via Girlie Girl Army

So I was very excited to come across this post on Girlie Girl Army about Neuaura, the animal friendly footwear company that is behind these cozy, warm Ugg alternatives.  I must admit, I love the buckles.   And if I have learned anything from all my winters in snowy New York and Chicago, it is that staying warm is the most important thing... hypothermia is just not sexy :)



  1. Can I have my Uggs back now?

  2. I love Uggs. They are so comfy and cute, and also it keeps your feet warm.

  3. Nice Uggs. Nice color. well designed.

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