Friday, December 3, 2010

A Cruelty-Free Interview Outfit


I am so sorry I have been away for so long.  The job search has been occupying a lot of my time, but hopefully I will have some good news coming soon, so keep your fingers crossed!

But no worries... my time away was not in vain!  I was presented with an interesting challenge this week when I was shopping for a vegan interview outfit.  I discovered that although my casual wardrobe has easily transitioned away from animal products, I am still drawn to wool and silk when I want to dress up.  I was a bit pressed for time in finding an outfit, so using the internet was unfortunately not an option.  So I hit the mall... and was remarkably successful, although I noticed the shopping process takes longer than it used to!  I got an adorable, professional outfit from J. Crew, which is but no means completely vegan, but does offer up some adorable options.  So here is my loot:

Oversized Lace Tee, image via J. Crew

The neckline on this top is perfect.  It shows skin without being revealing, and has a loose, but not shapeless fit.  Best of all, it is soft and silky without being silk!

Matte Jersey Curator Pant, image via J. Crew

Alright, I am obsessed with these pants.  They are slouchy and comfy, but look so chic when paired with heels.  They have that sort of effortless European look I am always striving for.  And they are on sale!  Plus, my dream job is a Museum Curator, so I thought the name was a sign of good sign... I know... NERD ALERT! 

Since I was a shoehorse in my pre-vegan days, I decided to wear a pair of shoes I had (which were unfortunately leather) because I honestly have no need for a new pair of shoes, so I thought it would be best to use what I had.  BUT, if I did need shoes, I would get these ones:

Sea Heel, image via olsen Haus

Aren't they adorable?  When I need shoes, these ones are at the top of my list :)

I promise I will not disappear again!  I have a lot of great things planned, so stayed tuned loves!


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  1. I love your outfit. I hope the interview went well. Let us know the outcome. I just love this blog!