Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Matt & Nat on HauteLook

Hello Loves!

I know this is cutting it close, but I just wanted to let you know that Matt & Nat's fabulous vegan handbags are on sale on HauteLook for INSANELY discounted prices (you have to sign up with the site, but I promise it is worth it!).  The sale ends at 8 a.m. Pacific Time on 12/20... so I will most likely spend this evening trying to convince my husband that at least one of these fabulous bags would look excellent under our Christmas tree :)  If you have not heard of these bags, they are not just vegan.  Each lining is made from an average of 21 recycled plastic bottles, and the bags often contain other recycled elements.  All the pieces are chic in a perfectly edgy, slightly French sort of way, so I obviously heart them.  Here are the ones that have caught my eye (get ready... there are a lot!):

Hendrix Chain Strap Bag, image via HauteLook

The multiple chain straps!  The zipper trim!  Swoon... this bag would make the transition from office to evening seamlessly. 

Ashbery Clasp Wallet, image via HauteLook

 I love a bright wallet... it makes it so much easier to find it in my gigantic purses.  The strap also means this doubles as a super cute clutch when you want to travel lightly. 

Laroux Flap Front Cross Body Bag, image via HauteLook

 Studded and powder blue... need I say more?

Rilo Shoulder Bag, image via HauteLook

This is the PERFECT over-the-shoulder carryall.  Vegan handbags this polished are few and far between, I am thrilled to find one this professional. 

Ritual Crossbody Bag, image via HauteLook

If I were still in school, I would make this my impossibly chic bookbag.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I will probably do that anyway!

This discounts average about 65% off, making these awesome pieces surprisingly affordable.  Happy shopping!


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